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Leading Rules

Central Library, UOS, OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) being a computerized database, is a key to the library collection and will answer the following questions:

  1. a) Does the library have a book by a particular author?
  2. b) Does the library have a specific title you want?
  3. c) Does the library have books on certain subjects?
  4. d) Where are the books located on Shelves?

You can access Online catalogue (OPAC) @ library.uos.edu.pk

“CALL NUMBER” being a combination of letters and numbers tells where the book is shelved. Be sure to note the entire combination for efficient retrieval.

Organization / Arrangement of Books: Book are arranged according to DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. Users must remember their required DDC numbers as mentioned below to locate their required reading material from the library shelves.

Library uses Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme

Class No. Class Name Important Subjects with their Class Nos.
000-099 Generalities 004-006 Computer Science005.133 Computer Programming Language005.3     Computer Programs006.3     Artificial Intelligence006.6     Computer Graphics

020-029 Library Science

100-199 Philosophy & Psychology 100-109   Philosophy and Psychology110-119   Metaphysics140-149   Specific Philosophical Schools150-159   Psychology160-169   Logic

170-179   Ethics

180-189   Ancient, Medieval, Oriental Philosophy

190-199   Modern Western Philosophy

200-299 Religion 297     Islam
300-399 Social Sciences 320-329   Political Science330-339   Economics340-349   Law350-359   Public Administration
400-499 Languages 410-419   Linguistics.420-429   English.491.2       Punjabi.492.439   Urdu
500-599 Natural Sciences& Mathematics 510-519   Mathematics. Statistics.520-529   Astronomy and allied sciences.530-539   Physics.540-549   Chemistry and allied sciences.580-589   Botanical sciences.

590-599   Zoological sciences.

600-699 Technology(AppliedSciences) 610-619   Medical Sciences.620-629     Engineering.630-639     Agriculture.640-649     Home Economics.650             Management.

657             Accounting.

658.81       Marketing

700-799 The Arts 720-719     Architecture.740-749     Drawing and decorative arts.780-789     Music.790-799     Recreation an performing arts.
800-899 Literature and Rhetoric 810-819 American Literature in English.821       English Poetry.822     English Drama.
900-999 Geography and History 910-919     Geography and travel.920-929     Biography, Genealogy.930-939     History of ancient world.940-949     General history of Europe.950-959     General history of Asia.

954             History of India.

954.7           History of Pakistan.

The Circulation Services: The Circulation Section is responsible for all transactions regarding borrowing and returning of books, placing materials on reserve, recalling borrowed materials, assessing fines, etc. Borrowers are responsible for materials charged from the library until such materials are returned. Borrowing stops 30 minutes before closing time.

Loan Policy: Members of the University community such as Faculty, Researchers, Students and Staff may borrow materials from the Central Library. Borrowing privileges are also extended to other support staff that holds valid University identification cards.

Registration and Library Card: Library patrons are required to fill in a Registration Form at the Circulation Desk. The card must be presented for borrowing any item from the Library or as requested by a Library Staff Member.

Loan Period:

The maximum number of items that may be borrowed and the retention period allowed are as follows:


Category                                                                  No. of Books                          Loan period

All regular teaching staff                                                                         10                                            120 days

Regular Administrative Staff (BPS 17 and above)                     5                                              30 days

Other Regular non teaching employees                                        3                                              30 days

Research Scholars (PhD & M.Phil)                                                     5                                              30 days

Post Graduate (MA, MSC)                                                                        3                                               21 days

Graduate                                                                                                           2                                            14 days

Teaching / Research Assistant                                                             5                                               30 days

Renewals: Unless a hold has been placed on borrowed item by another pattern, the borrower may renew the borrowed item by presenting it to the Circulation Desk.

Overdue Fine: A borrower who fails to return the library books on due dates shall have to pay a fine as per university rules.

Lost, Damaged or Mutilated Material: Borrowers are responsible for any loss, damage or mutilation of materials borrowed by them. Those who underline words, deface, mark, cut or mutilate an item must pay the full cost involved in replacing it. A higher charge may be incurred if an item is out of print or hard to replace.

Library users will loose their borrowing privileges until all fines/charges are paid.

Clearance: The University regulations require all faculty and staff to obtain a library clearance before going on leave or at termination of service. Students are also required to be cleared upon completion of their degree. The library will not endorse a clearance form unless all borrowed materials are returned and all charges are paid.

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Silence is a must in all sections of the library. Smoking, eating, drinking and use of mobile phone are not allowed in the Library. Such activities may not only damage materials but also disturb and annoy other users. Marking, clipping or mutilating library materials is an offense. Please avoid from such actions. Do not remove chairs form their designated places. Damaged material, equipment or furniture must be brought to the attention of the library staff. Borrowed items must be returned by the Due Dates. Any damage done to the material or in case of loss, the user shall be responsible to pay for it. All the students are requested to adhere to all the university rules. The Users must abide by the library rules and regulations. Violators will be deprived of their privileges. The library is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings. For convenience of the library users a complaint / suggestion box is available near security point.


Library Floor Map


1st Floor:                 Chief Librarian Office, Deputy Chief Librarian Office, Librarian office, Data Center, Circulation

Hall – A: Computer Lab               Hall –B : Reference Books          Hall – C : book from DDC #  000 – 400


2nd Floor:                Book from DDC # 500 – 999 (in English language)

3rd Floor :               Oriental Section (Urdu section)

4th Floor:                 Restricted area (Binding section)


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