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The human society started its journey from the Stone Age. Getting through Agriculture and Industrial Ages, it has entered Information Age. Information has developed as a commodity and now constitutes the integral part of human life. Economy can’t become vibrant without getting hold of right information and utilizing it optimally. In the current era, no nation can reach its climax without developing proper sources of information and turning them into reservoirs. Merger of information and communication technologies (ICTS) has made the information life cycle speedy, longer, more efficient and more effective.

Information resource centers all around the world have been developing this technology to support higher education institution in producing research and lead society towards peaceful life.

Universities are mother research institutions of a country. Universities owe liability toward the achievement of above-mentioned objectives. The University of Sargodha is one of the most progressive universities of Pakistan. Central Library of the University of Sargodha has also been striving to support its users in solving the Socio- economic issue prevailing these days. Our Central Library is equipped with all required sources of information both in hard & digital formats. In collaboration with the facilities, our library is committed to accomplish most pivotal role in information acquisition, organization, retrieval, access and use. The managers have always been focusing on enhancing quality of system and services. Students, Faculty, researchers and other stakeholders are encouraged, motivated and facilitated to take maximum benefit of the library. It is a matter of satisfaction that we have developed our web online public access catalogue (OPAC) that can help the users to reach our library database worldwide and remotely as per their comfort and ease.

Welcome to UOS Library Web OPAC
Vice Chancellor, University of Sargodha, Sargodha